Chris Hendricks

Pop/rock singer-songwriter Chris Hendricks was instilled with a passion for music from the very beginning. His father, a country singer in his own right, helped foster his desire to be courageous behind a microphone. Unbeknownst to him, this courage would be the staging point for the rest of a long musical journey that would take him places he never dreamed. 

A native of Durham, N.C., Hendricks began singing at the age of four. While his vocal ability continued to improve and evolve throughout his childhood and teen years, it was not until his junior year at Elon University in Elon, N.C. that Hendricks picked up a guitar for the first time. The connection was instantaneous. Before long, Hendricks discovered a passion for songwriting and began to pursue a career in music.

During a 2009 chance meeting, Hendricks connected with West Virginia native Aaron Gallagher in a Chapel Hill coffee shop. Gallagher immediately recognized Hendricks' songwriting skill and vocal ability. Determined to help him reach his dream as a musician, Gallagher soon signed on as Hendricks' manager.

Over the course of his career, Hendricks has performed at iconic venues across the country including Cat's Cradle, Carolina Theatre, Eddie's Attic and the Los Angeles House of Blues. His hit song "Noise," was featured at every artist's dream destination - the Louvre Museum in Paris - and was chosen as the 2011-2012 season theme song for the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes and Florida Panthers. Quickly becoming a hit, the EP that features "Noise" has sold more than 6,000 copies to date.

Having overcome various obstacles in his life as a result of his Cerebral Palsy, Hendricks uses his music and experiences in an effort to inspire others. Everyone has their own affliction, but passion and purpose can overcome all obstacles. It is his hope that the vulnerability in his music will shed some light on the lives of others and show them there own potential. 

Hendricks’ latest EP is titled 'Meant to Survive.’ Recorded in winter of 2012, the music stays true to the spirit and message he stands for. It’s a modern twist on an old soul with a real sense of honesty behind every track. I feel like we have really pushed our boundaries musically," says Hendricks. "Working with producer Mark McKee has allowed me to open up and deliver the same raw emotion in the studio that I feel during a live performance." Hendricks looks forward to returning to the studio soon. For now, be on the lookout, his is a live performance experience you don’t want to miss. 

Striving to reach and inspire as many people as possible with his music, Hendricks knows he has his work cut out for him. It is a daunting task, but he is excited to be on a journey that is fueled completely by his utmost passion in life. At the end of the day, the music speaks for itself.

“Passionate, soulful, and mesmerizing are three words that describe North Carolina singer songwriter Chris Hendricks' musical prowess and vocal style. With powerful hooks and catchy melodies, Hendricks has been blowing away audiences in the South East. and is looking forward to taking his music to all parts of the globe. It’s just another reminder of how powerful and personal his songs are. His voice pulls you in and leaves you wanting more. You feel his words, you feel his pain, and you celebrate his life along side of him. Fans of real music look out, your champion has arrived. His name is Chris Hendricks.” - Journalist Chris Wells

Maxine Waterman Photography

Photography has been a passion and joy of mine for all of my life, and I knew this was the professional path I wanted to embark on when I was 18. I truly enjoy being able to capture life's candid moments that are hard to achieve in poses such as that moments glance when a groom notices his bride before as she begins to walk down the aisle, or the reaction of a first time mom or dad when their baby smiles at them. I cannot wait to capture the moments for others that I am able to capture for my friends and family. 

I am trying to re-build my portfolio, which is why I am offering such an amazing deal right now! Contact me to find out how you can have your photos done by paying a donation of your choice! 


Heather Picken

I Discovered the Italian Secrets of The Sweet Life and Went From Broke and Unhappy to Impacting Lives Globally…


As a child I struggled with a learning disorder, dyslexia, that made it harder for me to learn, read, and write. However, later in life that challenge created the greatest opportunity. It taught me a valuable lesson in perseverance, persistence, and patience and in turn, allowed me to set bigger goals.

It  was while I was studying abroad in Italy, that I realized I was playing small and started to step up my game.  I began to study Italian culture and breakdown the factors behind their health, happiness, and wealth.

3 Reasons to read this book (if you're ready to wake up to your greatness then this book is for you!)


The pain of pursuing your dream gives you the power to experience the pleasure of receiving. Every rejection, every barrier, ever obstacle, ever problem is to empower you to make a difference. You are the person who changes lives. You are a person who makes an impact. You are the person who makes it possible for others to live a better life. You have the power to become unstoppable and be profitable. You are a woman who makes a difference.

Learn how others have overcome their challenges.

Creating your vision and living according to your highest values isn't easy.  Circumstances in life often place roadblocks and make you second guess yourself. Consider how one of your fellow Women On Fire Entrepreneurs overcame her challenges, setting and achieving goals congruent with who she wants to be. Do you dream to do more and be more but sometimes you just want to throw in the towel? Well, you're not alone and it's my mission to wake you up to your greatness.

Identify patterns and break through limiting beliefs

Many women entrepreneurs have a hard time believing in themselves.  They wonder if they can ever break through. Limiting beliefs can be more destructive to your business goals than negativity from other people.  It's easy to get pulled in other directions when things are not going your own way. Making a mindset shift means mastering your emotions about money.  You have to be willing to break your habit of beating yourself up and start seeing yourself in the new energy of winning.

Tracey Warren

Have you ever wondered, "Can all this social media stuff really make a difference to you bottom line?"

My answer is an emphatic YES! 

My mission is to simplify social media for small business owners. Not only should it be simple, but it should be FUN!

I call myself a social media superhero, and I want to help you become one as well. I teach entrepreneurs how to shine online, or when they decide it's not their genius, they hire me to do it for them. That gives them freedom to spend their time growing their business while their reputation is still growing online! 

I believe one of the worst things to be on social media is forgettable. The truth is, if you are doing what everyone else is doing - that might already be what is happening for you. I want to improve the way you show up so you can be seen and heard, so you can be not just memorable, but UNFORGETTABLE!!

There is no mistaking the innovative and creative ways I am able to create and manage communities for my clients. Communities that allow them to focus on building relationships offline, so they can make more money!

Sound interesting?

Let's chat!



Lisa Fischer

"The way in which you clothe your body, groom and accessorize... gives the world a clue to who you are, what you value and even how you want to be treated."

Lisa Fischer is a Certified Wardrobe Stylist. Speaker, and Author with over 16 years in the image industry.  Lisa's interest in fashion began while modeling for clothing boutiques in high school then later went on to compete in the Miss Washington USA pageant system. After college, Lisa worked many years in the Human Resources field where she learned and taught the importance of personal development, first impressions, customer service and polished professional branding.   Her love for the image industry grew as she transitioned in 2001 to teaching and leading etiquette and manners programs throughout Western Washington for Final Touch Finishing School, a premiere etiquette, civility and protocol school.  Growing up as an only child in a poor single family unit, there was a lot to learn.


 Today Lisa focuses on helping professional women achieve confidence by building an image strong personal brand through image mastery strategies. 




Jason Sues

Jason Suess has been a TOP PRODUCING network marketer and networking coach for more than 15 years.  He has helped multiple people enjoy a 5 and 6 figure residual income thanks to his team training.   

He currently is the Ceo of Zues Development and president of Action Networking in Olympia.  

His passion in life is traveling this beautiful planet with his friends and family, created new and exciting adventures.  

Jason Suess

Ceo - Zues Development

509 432 9957


Amin Lakhani

I was born with a neuromuscular condition (Charcot Marie Tooth Syndrome) that causes weakness throughout my body, especially in my hands and legs.

As I was growing up, my parents put a singular message in my mind – Amin, you will not be able to perform physical labor, so you have to study hard and work hard if you want to succeed in life. And so I did. I was pretty much a straight-A student, I graduated 2nd in my high school class of about 700 students, I graduated from an Ivy League University with 2 degrees in 4 years, and I landed my dream job at Microsoft. By all metrics of external success, I was killing it.

But internally, I was desolate. I had very few friends, and I had never been on a date. I spent most of my time working, or watching TV by myself.

And I knew that there had to be more to life. I knew that I craved connection with others. I knew that I wanted those friends that would always have my back. I knew that I craved intimacy with women. I knew that I wanted to get rid of that nervous feeling that I felt every time I was around people.

I finally mustered the courage to ask a girl to hang out, and the stars seemed to be aligned, because she said yes. I thought she was the love of my life, but after our first, incredibly awkward kiss, she told me "I don't know how any woman could be attracted to a guy in a wheelchair." And that was my absolute rock-bottom.

So what did I do? I went to remedial classes, of course. And for me, that meant hiring a dating coach. Have you seen the movie Hitch? It was very much like that.

So five years and $25,000 later, here I am. And honestly, sometimes I’m STILL nervous around people. BUT I’ve learned a few things. 

I've learned how to form meaningful connections with people. I've learned how to feel confident. And I've learned how to flirt with women that I'm interested in.

And my life has totally transformed.

Now, people describe me as charismatic, confident, and unforgettable. I make friends everywhere I go, and I've been on dates with over 40 women, of all different backgrounds, ethnicities, and even ages (from 19 to over 50). I've enjoyed sex, intimacy with girlfriends, and I've even fallen in love.

If I can do it, you can too. and I'm here to help you get there faster than I did.


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